Sorta My Thing 7Sorta My Thing is the unapologetic, brash new web series from Wait Don’t Leave Productions featuring 8 women in search of the one thing that empowers them.

This series doesn’t just pass the Bechdel test – it’s the hot teacher handing out the fucking Scantron sheet. It’s the monologue cocktail for women who are sick of talking about how much they need a man, or how much they don’t need a man, or how the man they finally got is cheating on them.

Each episode a new character tackles how to kick life’s ass, and the answer is sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and often both. It’s High Maintenance meets Bridesmaids meets the amazing cast and crew below.

Get started with Episode 1 (new episodes every other week). You won’t be disappointed – this is, after all, sorta our thing.

Producer: Wait Don’t Leave Productions
 Stephanie Carrie

Writer: Joanna Castle Miller
Director of Photography: Davidson Vorhes


Kate McDaniel
Stephanie Carrie
Jenny Wu
DeWanda Wise
Joanna Castle Miller
Melissa Rojas
Zehra Fazal
Amanda Pajer

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