Episodes Coming Every Week, Starting This Tuesday

We hear you, world. New episodes of Sorta My Thing will be coming out every week from now on, starting this Tuesday. No more waiting around on that off-week, tearing at your clothes and crying out how much you miss us. 

Please, please stop doing that. 

See you Tuesday with E04: “Moving Day”, starring DeWanda Wise. Until then, catch up on all the episodes here

Episode 3 Is Up

Happy Tuesday! Here’s Episode 03 of Sorta My Thing, starring Jenny Wu from the latest season of Amazing Race (and from E02), and featuring DeWanda Wise.

“Great Story” is directed by Stephanie Carrie and written by Joanna Castle Miller, with Davidson Vorhes as Director of Photography.

Our Director of Photography

If you’ve enjoyed the camera work on Sorta My Thing so far, you can thank Davidson Vorhes!

He’s a fantastic cameraman with all the gear you need. And his LA studio is perfect for photography/green screen shoots/rentals.

If you want more info, we’re happy to talk more about how great he’s been to work with. And here’s a link to his site.

See you on Tuesday for Episode 3: Great Story.